Energy supplements: what’s on the market?

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  • Performance and energy supplements for horses can have a wide variety of purposes. A common aim is the support of energy production and metabolism, which will help your horse utilise most efficiently the energy available to him, making it easier for him to produce his best possible performance. If you are looking at feeding a supplement of this type to your horse, it’s important to acknowledge that while it can help to horse to function and perform at his best, it’s not going to turn him into a world-beater overnight or solve any underlying veterinary problems.

    If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    Horse & Hound is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. 

    Performance and energy supplements for horses: what are your options?

    Here is a selection of the best performance and energy supplements for horses that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

    NB: Cost per day has been calculated using the maintenance measure for a 500kg horse in medium work (where there was variation) and the RRP of the smallest available tub. Some products require you to feed more in certain situations, which will increase the cost per daily measure, while buying a larger tub will likely decrease it – these costs per day are a guide only.

    Audevard Myostem Protec

    Audevard Myostem Protec

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 900ml, 4.5l | RRP: £55.99 for 900ml | Daily measure: 30ml | Cost per day: £1.87 |

    Formulated to support the preparation for and recovery from sport effort, this supplement helps promote the muscular strength of sports horses. It provides high levels of antioxidants.

    View Audevard Myostem Protec at viovet.co.uk

    Aviform Build Up Equine Muscle Builder

    Aviform Build Up 

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 1kg, 1.8kg | RRP: £41.95 for 1kg | Daily measure: 20g | Cost per day: £0.84 |

    Build Up contains key amino acids, which are building blocks for protein, to promote muscle growth and aid the natural process of muscle repair.

    Cavalor performance supplements for horses

    Cavalor An Energy Boost

    Form: Syringe paste | Sizes: 50g | RRP: £9.29 | 

    This oral paste is a mix of high quality electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and salt, which has been developed to give an extra energy boost before and during intense work and to aid speedy recovery.

    View Cavalor An Energy Boost at viovet.co.uk

    Dengie performance supplements for horses

    Dengie Performance Vits & Mins

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 2kg, 10kg | RRP: £21.17 for 2kg | Daily measure: 90g | Cost per day: £0.95 |

    This broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement is formulated for horses with increased nutritional requirements. It contains generous levels of vitamin E and selenium, live yeast and a full range of B vitamins, which are involved in energy utilisation and other metabolic functions.

    View Dengie Performance Vits & Mins at amazon.co.uk

    Dodson & Horrell Performance Vitamins & Minerals

    Dodson & Horrell Performance Vitamins & Minerals

    Form: Pellets | Sizes: 3.5kg, 20kg | RRP: £24.75 for 3.5kg | Daily measure: 125g | Cost per day: £0.88 |

    This vitamin and mineral supplement is specifically designed for competition horses. It contains natural antioxidants for the increased demand of micronutrients and is ideal to use when a low feeding rate is needed or when a competition horse is in full work but overweight.

    View Dodson & Horrell Performance Vitamins & Minerals at viovet.co.uk

    EquiFeast Winningedge Gold 5 Starter

    EquiFeast Winningedge Gold 5 Starter

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 2.875kg | RRP: £92.95 | Daily measure: 82g | Cost per day: £2.65 |

    Described as the ultimate all-in-one support for competition horses, this includes chelated calcium with a balancer and joint, hoof, digestive, and immune support.

    Equiform Excel Jump Off

    Equiform Excel Jump Off

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 2l, 5l | RRP: £20 for 2l | Daily measure: 60ml | Cost per day: £0.60 |

    Fortified with prebiotics and vitamin B12, this supplement also contains natural omega-3, which is beneficial to performance requiring long periods of concentration and stamina.

    Equilibrium Products performance supplements for horses

    Equilibrium Products Simplyboost Energy

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £9.95 | Daily measure: 50ml | Cost per day: £1 |

    This targeted boost of vitamin B12 supports the production of energy, making it ideal to maintain energy levels during competition or for horses that need an extra boost when feeling fatigued.

    View Equilibrium Products Simplyboost Energy at viovet.co.uk

    Equine America Xtra Boost Hemogen 

    Equine America Xtra Boost Hemogen 

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l | RRP: £37.50 | Daily measure: 30ml | Cost per day: £1.13 |

    A complementary feed supplement that supports healthy red blood production for horses in hard work. It contains a specialist and highly absorbable form of iron, which is supported by B vitamins and accompanied by active water soluble vitamins and minerals to maximise energy and stamina.

    View Equine America Xtra Boost Hemogen at equine-america.co.uk

    Equitop Myoplast

    Equitop Myoplast

    Form: Pellets | Sizes: 1.5kg | RRP: £70 | Daily measure: 50g | Cost per day: £2.33 |

    A unique amino acid supplement specifically designed to support lean muscle growth, which helps horses to respond and cope with the demands of training.

    View Equitop Myoplast at viovet.co.uk

    Feedmark Performance Stamina & Endurance

    Feedmark Performance Stamina & Endurance

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 10kg, 20kg | RRP: £71.99 for 10kg | Daily measure: 318g | Cost per day: £2.29 |

    Supplying slow-release energy and proteins, this comprehensive supplement encourages optimum and consistent performance. It delivers high levels of joint health ingredients, a balanced blend of electrolytes and prebiotics and probiotics for digestive support.

    Foran Equine performance supplements for horses

    Foran Equine Refuel Gel

    Form: Syringe gel | Sizes: 30ml | RRP: £8.95 | 

    A concentrated and balanced electrolyte gel – with added B, C and E vitamins – that replaces electrolytes lost through sweating to aid rehydration, appetite and recovery.

    Global Herbs Restore 

    Global Herbs Restore

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 500ml, 1l, 5l | RRP: £22.50 for 500ml | Daily measure: 10ml | Cost per day: £0.45 |

    This quick-acting formula helps to maintain peak condition, support efficient digestion and bring out natural shine. It contains specific liver tonic herbs that target metabolism. Also available as a powder.

    View Global Herbs Restore at viovet.co.uk

    Maxavita Maxapower

    Maxavita Maxapower

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 900g | RRP: £29.85 | Daily measure: 25g | Cost per day: £0.83 |

    This muscle and energy supplement is full of essential amino acids to encourage muscle growth and strength, in addition to supporting stamina and recovery. It is designed to support and maintain healthy circulation and promote optimal muscle function in hard-working horses.

    View Maxavita Maxapower at viovet.co.uk

    NAF Energ

    NAF EnerG

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 2l, 5l | RRP: £19.99 for 2l | Daily measure: 30ml | Cost per day: £0.30 |

    Fortified with vitamins and trace elements, this fast-acting formula provides controlled levels of iron, copper and zinc, which helps to optimise energy metabolism. 

    View NAF EnerG at viovet.co.uk

    Nupafeed performance supplements for horses

    Nupafeed Staying Power

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l | RRP: £44 | Daily measure: 50ml | Cost per day: £2.20 |

    This liquid formula supports a healthy energy metabolism, muscle development and recovery, helping your horse work harder for longer and become stronger and fitter.

    Rowen Barbary Power

    Rowen Barbary Power

    Form: Powder | Sizes: 750g, 5kg, 10kg | RRP: £14.03 for 750g | Daily measure: 50ml | Cost per day: £0.94 |

    This supplement contains a specifically formulated blend of micro nutrients to help boost the immune system, which will be useful for horses working hard at any time of year.

    Science Supplements performance supplements for horses

    Science Supplements EnerGex

    Form: Syringe paste | Sizes: 60g | RRP: £10.99 | 

    This safe source of carbohydrate can be use before, during and following exercise to support energy delivery, or as an energy booster in lethargic horses. Also available as a daily powder.

    View Science Supplements EnerGex at viovet.co.uk

    Synovium Red & Gold

    Synovium Red & Gold

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 1l, 5l | RRP: £21.99 for 1l | Daily measure: 60ml | Cost per day: £1.32 |

    This helps provide lasting performance when it is most needed – suitable for use at competitions or when extra performance is required.

    View Synovium Red & Gold at ebay.co.uk

    Vital Equine B-max

    Vital Equine B-max

    Form: Liquid | Sizes: 946ml, 3.8l | RRP: £15.50 for 946ml | Daily measure: 30ml | Cost per day: £0.49 |

    Described as a ‘pick me up’, this vitamin- and iron-rich liquid helps to bring back sparkle to horses who are tired and run down due to illness or competition. It also encourages appetite.

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