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    The national upheaval caused by the global pandemic of Covid-19 has given many equestrian centre, yard and livery owners some much needed time for reflection. There’s been the mandatory considerations of how you can adapt your working systems to a socially distanced society but there’s also been the question a lot of you should have asked yourselves a long time ago:

    Can I actually work any harder? Do I want to, even if I could?

    This is a quandary the team at EC Pro have been working hard to get yard owners to consider for many months! Though we wish it were in different circumstances, we’re grateful that being forced to dismount from business as usual has meant that many of you have realised it’s time to work smarter and not harder.

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    Experience the benefits today

    The need for a distant way of transacting and communicating means that now, more than ever, the stampede of customers to online purchasing and life management is building. Pandemic or no pandemic, those who love riding won’t be prepared to lose that joy in their lives, but they will expect to be able to book, pay for and communicate about lessons, hacks and livery without having to visit your yard office or wait for you to call them back.

    EC Pro is the online solution to all of your problems. It’s a platform that is adapted to suit your bespoke needs and works snugly alongside your existing website or stands alone if you don’t have one. It’s one system that works for customers, staff and owners and will forever replace the mounds of dusty paperwork in your office.


    Experience the benefits today

    If you can name a frustrating task that seems to sap up too much of your time we can guarantee EC Pro has it covered. Here’s just a few of the most common:

    • Customer bookings (ability appropriate), payments and membership
    • Staff records and rotas
    • Horse health, exercise and diet
    • Key business paperwork management
    • Event booking, payments and result communication

    What do these features ultimately add up to? TIME! Your precious time, re-harnessed and ready to re-invest into doing what you love…. being with your staff, customers and animals.

    Loved by yards across the country, be they big (such as Wellington Riding and The Talland School of Equitation) or small, EC Pro will cost your business £5 a day and release the equivalent of days or months of your time.

    ‘Revenue is up by 25% and getting rid of our diaries and notepads means we can focus on running the yard.’ Hayley Ward, Liscombe Park Equestrian Centre

    Despite the sadness and uncertainty of what has been such a difficult year for all of us, at EC Pro we’re determined to support you to turn this in to an opportunity to future proof both your business and your own wellbeing. In fact we’re so confident that we’re creating and installing the bespoke system without taking a penny form you until 1 August. And if by then you’re not sure it’s for you, we’ll remove it free of charge.

    Our demos can be booked online and we’ll take care of all the logistics and technology of working with you in a socially distanced and safe way.

    Stay safe, stay home and remember we’re #allinthistogether

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