16 pairs of overreach boots that will help to protect your horse

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  • The best overreach boots can provide your horse a great deal of protection against overreach and strike injuries. When choosing a pair of overreach boots, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using them for. If you only plan to use them for turning your horse out, it’s sensible to select a material that won’t absorb water and is easy to clean; whereas if you plan to use them while doing fast work, the amount of coverage and level of protection offered will be your main focus.

    For any protective boot, it’s essential that they won’t cause rubbing and the fastenings are secure, while being easy to put on and take off is a real bonus. If you plan to pair them with brushing boots or cross-country boots, it may also be worth looking for a matching set.

    Best overreach boots

    Equilibrium Tri-Zone overreach boots

    Equilibrium Tri-Zone Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black | Sizes: S/M or L/XL | RRP: £29.99 | H&H review: 9/10 |

    These hard-wearing boots from Equilibrium are designed to prevent your horse treading on the boot. Ideal for exercise or turnout, they have a tough strike guard to protect the heel. They are waterproof and rot-proof, and have an anti-spin heel button.

    Read H&H’s independent Equilibrium Tri-Zone overreach boots review.

    View now at equilibriumproducts.com, viovet.co.uk, amazon.co.uk, equus.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Woof Wear Pro overreach boot

    Woof Wear Pro Overreach Boots

    Colours: 14 | Sizes: S–XL | RRP: £25.99 |

    These boots from Woof Wear provide no-rub protection for the bulbs of the heel, while the no-twist design and soft roll collar allows the boot to move freely around the pastern without rubbing. The tough carbon effect outer shell coupled with thick neoprene and added impact foam give 10mm of protection. Matching items available.

    View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk, equus.co.uk, naylors.com or rideawaystore.com

    Zandona Carbon Air Heel overreach boots

    Zandona Carbon Air Heel Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black, brown or white | Sizes: S/M or L/XL | RRP: £129.90 |

    These technical overreach boots by Zandona are very strong yet flexible, which combined with the gel technology and neoprene lining means that they can effectively absorb and disperse impact. The anatomic design and flexible shell ensure a stable fit without restricting movement. Carbon fibre in the shell ensures maximum strength and six air vents help to maintain breathability. They are finished with a fleece top to prevent rubbing and fastened with two quick-release elastic straps for a secure fit.

    View now at amazon.co.uk

    Hy Equestrian Armoured Guard Pro Reaction overreach boots

    Hy Equestrian Armoured Guard Pro Reaction Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black | Sizes: M–XL | RRP: £23.99 |

    Suitable for everyday exercise or turnout, these boots from Hy are strong, flexible and lightweight. The durable strike-proof outer shell prevents knocks, while the breathable soft perforated neoprene lining and collar ensures they remain comfortable. The touch-tape fastenings and a no turn nodule minimise movement.

    View now at viovet.co.uk, rideawaystore.com or amazon.co.uk

    Shires Arma anatomic comfort overreach boots

    Shires Arma Anatomic Comfort Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black or brown | Sizes: Pony – extra-full | RRP: £29.99 |

    These boots from Shires have soft fleece added to increase airflow and provide cushioning around the pastern. The boots have anti-spin nodules to help keep the boots in place, and they are fastened with double lock touch-close fastenings.

    View now at amazon.co.uk, equus.co.uk, viovet.co.uk, rideawaystore.com or naylors.com

    Veredus Safety Bell Light Boots

    Veredus Safety Bell Light Boots

    Colours: Black, brown, white, black/blue, black/Bordeaux, black/ivory or black/pink | Sizes: S–XL | RRP: £40 | H&H review: 8/10 |

    The triple layer foam of these boots offers great protection without being stiff and the material is easy to clean and prevents moisture absorption. Also available with a techno sheepskin fabric on the top of the boot helps prevent irritation or rubbing.

    Read H&H’s independent Veredus overreach boots review.

    View now at viovet.co.uk

    WeatherBeeta Prime Impact bell boots

    WeatherBeeta Prime Impact Bell Boots

    Colours: Black, white, black/maroon, black/royal blue, black/turquoise/navy | Sizes: Pony – warmblood | RRP: £28.75 |

    These lightweight, durable boots from Weatherbeeta have a neoprene lining for maximum comfort and protection. They are designed in a way to prevent twisting, while the touch tape closures make them quick and easy to use. Matching items available.

    View now at amazon.co.uk, equus.co.uk, rideawaystore.com or viovet.co.uk

    LeMieux Soft Shell Over Reach Boots

    LeMieux Soft Shell Over Reach Boots

    Colours: Black | Sizes: M–XXL | RRP: £24.95 for a pair |

    These practical boots have a soft but strong outer shell, smooth neoprene lining and Lycra binding to prevent rubbing.

    View now at amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk

    Derby House Pro neoprene overreach boots

    Derby House Pro Neoprene Overreach Boots

    Colours: Peacock or plum | Sizes: Pony – full | RRP: £10.99 |

    These neoprene boots from Derby House are flexible, durable, quick and easy to fit. The neoprene offers protection, helps to prevent rubbing around the pastern and is easy to clean.

    View now at amazaon.co.uk or rideawaystore.com

    Mark Todd Pro Carbon Overreach Boots

    Mark Todd Pro Carbon Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black | Sizes: S–XL | RRP: £26.98 |

    These high-density overreach boots are designed to fit snugly without turning to provide maximum protection.

    View now at rideawaystore.com or viovet.co.uk

    Equetech Cob Class Overreach Boots

    Equetech Cob Class Sport Deluxe Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black | Sizes: M or L | RRP: £34.95 |

    Designed specifically for traditional cobs and draft horses, these Velcro-fastening boots are made of a durable synthetic leather outer with a luxury faux fur trim top top to prevent rubbing. The medium size is designed for smaller cobs that overreach and scuff from wider flared feet, to protect heel bulbs and skin above the coronet band. The large is designed for taller cobs with all the protection of the medium size, plus added length to help those prone to pulling front shoes off.

    View now at ebay.co.uk

    Eskadron soft faux fur overreach boots

    Eskadron Soft Faux Fur Overreach Boots

    Colours: White or night blue | Sizes: S–XXL | RRP: £31.95 |

    These soft, comfortable and smart Eskadron overreach boots are robust and provide good shock absorption. They are made from 1680D outer fabric with a breathable inlay, lined with neoprene and finished with an easy-care faux sheepskin top cuff.

    View now at amazon.co.uk

    Premier Equine Ballistic No-Turn Overreach Boots

    Premier Equine Ballistic No-Turn Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black, brown, burgundy, grey, red, royal blue, turquoise or white | Sizes: S–XXL | RRP: £26 |

    These overreach boots have been engineered with an anti-rotational no-turn nodule that helps keep them in the correct position. They are made of a technical ballistic material that is lightweight and strong, which combined with the shock-absorbing lining prevents perforation and offers protection from impact. They are secured with double-locking straps.

    View now at ebay.co.uk

    Rhinegold fleece trim flexi rubber overreach boots

    Rhinegold Fleece Trim Flexi Rubber Overreach Boots

    Colours: Black, brown or black/brown | Sizes: S–XL | RRP: £10.99

    These overreach boots from Rhinegold have a high natural rubber content for more flexibility, offering durability with less likelihood of rubbing. They are trimmed with fleece for extra comfort around the leg and have an easy touch tape closure.

    View now at ebay.co.uk

    Equestrian Stockholm bell boots

    Equestrian Stockholm Bell Boots

    Colours: 11 | Sizes: S–L | RRP: £42 |

    These stylish boots from Equestrian Stockholm are a shiny faux croc leather lined with soft teddy material around the top. They are 6mm thick with a neoprene lining and have a wide Velcro closure. Matching items available.

    Showmaster Anti-Twist Bell Boots

    Showmaster Anti-Twist Bell Boots

    Colours: Black | Sizes: Cob, full or extra full | RRP: £19.90 |

    These boots are made of a durable nylon with soft rubber around the coronet, and have an integrated anti-twist guard.

    What are overreach boots?

    Overreach boots, sometimes referred to as bell boots, are worn on a horse’s forelegs and cover the hoof and heel. They protect these areas from the hind feet ‘overreaching’, striking into the heels and causing an injury.

    What are the best overreach boots for turnout?

    Overreach boots are sometimes worn in the field to protect from overreach injuries or to prevent your horse pulling his shoes off. Boots worn in the field are more likely to get damaged as they are worn for a longer period of time. Choose a pair that have a secure fastening, don’t absorb moisture and are easy to clean. You’ll need to weight up how long they’re likely to last with how much you’re willing to spend.

    How do you fit overreach boots?

    Overreach boots sit around the pastern – too tight and they’ll be uncomfortable, but too loose and they’re likely to rub. They should cover the heel at the back but should sit above the ground. If they have an anti-spin ‘bump’ or nodule, this should sit between the heel bulbs.

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