New V.I.P. Miracle Mare from NETTEX to support mares in-season *Promotion*

NETTEX announces the launch of its new supplement V.I.P. Miracle Mare, which has been developed to support mares in-season.

  • Promotional feature with Nettex

    While we love our mares and the joy they bring to our lives, studies show that 93% of mares exhibit undesirable behaviour when in season1,2. This unwanted behaviour can take many forms including aggression, kicking, biting, weaving, winking, squealing, difficulty tacking up and poor concentration. Problems can occur when these behaviours become excessive as they can cause safety or performance issues. If you have spoken to your vet and have ruled out causes of challenging behaviour such as pain or reproductive disorder, supplementation with a calmer can provide a solution and can increase enjoyment of your mare when in season.

    Whilst there are many magnesium-based calmers aimed at providing a solution to undesirable mare behaviour, mare owners may not see the desired effects of this type of supplementation. 

    Johanna Gater-Willats, Nettex equine commercial manager, explains: “Magnesium calmers are not ideal when dealing with behaviours bought on by a hormonal imbalance, as the issue is rarely down to a mineral deficiency. Owners may see better results from a product that is specifically formulated to support oestrus mares, such as V.I.P. Miracle Mare from Nettex.”

    Owners can see even better results when using the right supplementation alongside monitoring everyday management processes closely.

    Jenni Nellist, equine behaviourist working with Nettex suggests: “Help reduce stress all year round by handling mares in a clear, calm and predictable manner, with easily understood signals, rewards and pressure-release. Provide a minimum of daily turnout in a small and friendly group. And keep them in an interesting and enriched environment.”

    *NEW* Nettex V.I.P. Miracle Mare

    V.I.P. Miracle Mare from NETTEX

    To support mares in season, Nettex is delighted to announce the launch of a new product. Nettex V.I.P. Miracle Mare is a non-magnesium supplement containing wheatgerm extract (WGE), which has been proven to help with challenging oestrus associated behaviour in mares in as little as 48 hours, thereby increasing owners enjoyment of their mares at this time.3  This key ingredient has prebiotic-like functionality, which optimises gut flora balance helping the body’s own mechanisms regulate themselves, which in turn, supports mares that show signs of undesirable behaviour when in season. V.I.P. Miracle Mare, developed by world-leading veterinary surgeons and scientists, also contains B vitamins and natural botanical ingredients such as chasteberry, chamomile, vervain and red clover, which also support healthy maintenance of the nervous system, metabolism and digestion.

    Trials published in Vet Times in 2016 demonstrated that wheatgerm extract had a statistically significant positive effect on behaviours, including kicking, biting, aggression, grumpiness, bucking, weaving, squirting, difficulty tacking-up and poor performance in oestrus mares. Mares supplemented at the onset of oestrus showed significant improvements in behaviour, some in as little as 12 hours, and in all cases by 36 hours to 48 hours. This suggests that dietary supplementation with V.I.P. Miracle Mare will offer an effective and affordable solution to the frustrating problem of undesirable oestrus behaviour in mares.

    Miracle-Mare-Product_1400x788Nettex V.I.P. Miracle Mare is fed just once a day at an average of 24g depending on the size of your horse or pony.  This no-added sugar formulation has been tested for a wide range of naturally occurring prohibited substances. Try it today, and help your mare feel like “She’s got this!”.

    RRP £49.49 1kg tub (lasts approx. 40 days for a 500kg horse)

    RRP £93.99 2kg tub (lasts approx. 80 days for a 500kg horse)

    To celebrate the launch of V.I.P. Miracle Mare, Nettex is giving you the chance to get 10% off from 1 March 2021 until 30 April 2021. Ask your local stockist for more information.

    For more information about V.I.P. Miracle Mare or to find a stockist visit: www.nettexequine.com


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